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Bankruptcy Representation


The Firm has extensive experience in representing banks, financial institutions, creditor committees and corporations with creditors’ rights issues in bankruptcy proceedings. The Firm assists its clients in understanding, negotiating and filing Cash Collateral Agreements, Motions to Lift the Automatic Stay and the review and development of proposed Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy plans. As a result of the Firm’s unique financial analysis abilities, the Firm emphasizes, in its representation, the need for obtaining good financial information from the Debtor and communication with the Debtor in an effort to develop workable plans of reorganization which maximizes the opportunity for repayment of the debt obligations while, at the same time, reducing the overall risk to the creditor.


Chapter 11. The Firm has extensive experience in representing corporations, partnerships and individuals in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. By careful attention to communicating with the Debtor’s creditors and obtaining good financial information to base a plan of reorganization on, the Firm has been successful in having many Plans of Reorganization approved by the Bankruptcy Court. More importantly, the confirmed Plans have been successfully implemented so many of the debtors which the Firm has represented now are financially strong and have successful businesses.

Chapter 7 and 13. Although the Firm’s debtor/creditor representation primarily concentrates in the areas of creditor and corporate debtor Chapter 11 bankruptcy representation, the Firm has committed itself to continue representing debtors, at competitive rates, in all areas of bankruptcy proceedings, including Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Through its use of computer programs and relying upon its many years of practice in this area of law, the Firm is able to efficiently file and successfully represent its Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy clients through their bankruptcy proceedings.