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Corporate Representation

Scarlett & Croll, P.A.

Our firm represents numerous corporations and is experienced in forming corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. We assist our clients with contract negotiation, shareholders’ agreements, asset purchase or stock purchase agreements and employee agreements. Our firm advises clients as to choices available to form the proper type of business entity, and also advises clients on corporate tax matters, such as the election of Subchapter S status.


The basic way business is transacted in the United States is by corporations. By transacting business as a corporation, the owners of the corporation are able to shield themselves from personal liability exposure for much, if not all, of the debt which the corporation may owe. By allowing individuals to limit their liability exposure, Congress encourages individuals to take a chance and start new businesses. Encouraging the creation of new businesses is very important because most of the jobs created in this country are created by small businesses. Simply put, we advise our clients that, if you are going to transact business in this country, you should transact it as a corporation.